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Graham Sorenson

Name : Graham Sorenson

My Picture 6k

Gender: Male, last time I looked

E-mail addresses: [email protected] (Actually "anything" will get to me {g} )
[email protected],

Web pages:- Age: (49 on July 22nd 2000) in other words a Leo/Cancer Water/Fire Mixed up type.

Geographical residence: In a Village called Brynna near to the Valleys of South Wales.

Cultural information: World Citizen, Viking!! A couple of generations ago anyway, born in North West of England of English mother with Norwegian ancestors, and Welsh father with Danish ancestors.

Baha'i biographical information: I became a Baha'i In 1979, (actually three years earlier when I first met up with the Faith but was too stubborn to realise it). Been on a few different local Assemblies, served at the Baha'i World Centre 1984-86, Served on the UK International Goals Committee, Baha'i conferences Committee, Currently languishing in relative freedom from any LSA or committee. But i usually take my computer to Conferences to show as many people as possible the wonders of the web and internet.

Educational information: I'm a graduate of the world, i.e. Not a piece of paper to my name, (actually I do have a drivers licence to prove I have learned something). I have been to college but decided, in an anarchical moment, that when the going gets wierd the weird turn pro, and gave it up before graduating. ( It was for a Bsc Hons in applied psychology )

Profession/Trade information: Yes, well; a bit of a jack of all trades really. Trained in The Royal Air Force in communications. I am currently self employed, I sell and install Satellite Television systems, usually the high end stuff. I sell and write about essential oils and aromatherapy, I design, on the computer, items for print and also for etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Intellectual interests: I am well read but not of the classics, I enjoy popular science, Complimentary Health, Histerical, (sorry Historical) Novels and action, spy light reading, bit of science fiction, and occcasionally mystical religious works.

Leisure interests: Well again quite ecletical here. Sailing, reading, computers, communication, travel, food, more food, sex, Well it is just memories nowadays (rueful grin), listening to music, ranging from light classical to rock, (Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Seals and Croft, etc) to folk and "new age", Mostly instrumental stuff, my favourite relaxing methods. Would love to be able to spend a few weeks learning to fly and get my private pilots licence.

Goals and Aspirations: This is a hard bit, Basically I am not ambitious except to be sucessful in my business(s) so I can afford to contribute to the Baha'i funds or to be able to contribute my talents for the furtherment of our Glorious Faith.

Personal strengths: My Sense of humour, always wanting to learn, I refuse to be P.C. (See below), I am an animal person, they mostly seem to like me so it is reciprocated.

Personal weaknesses: (Those admitted to anyway) My sense of humour. err.. see above..

Physical characteristics: 5'10", 200lbs plus, solid (mostly), What hair I have is blond(ish) Actually I am bald, Not folically challenged, but bald.(g)

Warning! Warning! A poem alert:-

God is good,
God is fair,
To some He gave brains,
To others He gave hair... Boom! Boom!

Guiding principle(s) in life: Get a Kid to do the work whilst they still know everything.
One of these days someone may get some sense out of me, (maybe).

Essential characteristics desired in a partner: female. Alive. Over the age of consent. Blond, (busty, millionairess,) hyperintellegent, (like me) (I said hyper not hypo). But am prepared to negotiate on all of the above.  Looks like I have found one that mostly fits the above..   Heehee.  (The red bits excepted)

Actually I am prepared to go anywhere, do almost anything, learn, learn and even learn!.


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