Streaming Eyes? Sneezing? Blocked Nose?

Yep! Seems like you have Hay Fever!!

Here's a nice cool background colour for your eyes

It's Allergy time again folks.

Hay Fever is a type of allergy. It is a response by the body to the pollens of certain grasses, and some fungi spores, mostly affecting the nose lining, throat and the eyes.

Many Hay Fever sufferers are affected because of heredity and others because of Stress, nutritional imbalances, even improper breathing.

So what can you do about it.

Practical Things you can do.

Wear a brimmed hat and sunglasses, this will keep a lot of the offending pollen out of the eyes.
Keep away from fields and the garden between 5am and 10am when the pollen count is highest.
Shower, and wash your hair before bed so that you are not sleeping in a pile of pollen that you have carried in to bed with you.
Pay a little attention to what you are eating during the period of highest pollen count, (Spring)
Try a high dose of Vitamin C, (3 to 4 grams a day)
Reduce the eating of mucus forming foods, e.g. dairy and high starch foods.

If you have to, wear a "Smog Mask" to keep pollen out of the mouth and nose.

Things to take and do.

(Because Hay Fever affects people in different ways experiment to see what works for you)

To reduce the response to the allergy Chamomile Roman or Melissa essential oils sniffed from a tissue or handkerchief, are effective with many people in reducing the severity of the hay fever. Chamomile seems to be effective for more people, but you will have to experiment to see which is better for you.
A second line of attack is inhalations of Lavander and Eucalyptus essential oils. This can help in the clearing of pollen which is already in situ by clearing the mucus of the sinuses and nose. Experiment with this as the heat from an inhalation can make the feelings worse with a few people.

Take time out for yourself, sit down and relax inside the home, breath deeply, meditate a little. Put on some of your favourite relaxing music, put the stresses of life on the back burner.
We all know that this may be impractical in modern family living, BUT, try it, you may be pleasantly surprised at the effect it has on your Hay Fever

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