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The Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health & Beauty: A Practical A to Z Reference to Aromatherapy Treatments for Health, Skin, & Hair Problems Using Essential Oils
Roberta Wilson

  • Paperback, 244pp.
  • ISBN:
  • 0895296276
  • Publisher:
  • Avery Publishing Group, Incorporated
  • Pub. Date:
  • March 1995
  • Expert Commentary
    From Library Journal:
    With over two dozen aromatherapy books in print, why write another? Because many are aimed at a British or European audience and others give too much technical information. Wilson, a certified aromatherapist, has written a primer on aromatherapy that can almost be considered a recipe book to treat many common conditions such as acne, colds, headache, and toothache. She offers instructions on how to mix essential oils from plants and massage them into your skin or hair, use them in compresses, bathe in them, or inhale them. The aromatherapy resource guide is especially helpful since it tells where a person can obtain many of the products in the book. A worthy addition even for libraries that have other books on aromatherapy because of its clear, practical explanation of this "healing art."-Natalie Kupferberg, Ferris State Univ. Lib., Big Rapids, Mich. -Library Journal

    Women's Studies Editor's Recommended Book, 11/01/96:
    Smell is our most ancient and basic sense. So it's not surprising that aromas can influence us profoundly. This easy-to-use reference is designed specifically for women. It contains a guide to essential oils and an A-Z guide for using aromatherapy to treat specific symptoms. It's all complemented by tips on basic nutrition and health maintenance.

    From Booklist , 05/01/95:
    Professional makeup consultant Wilson proffers a practical guide to aromatherapy, a field of alternative health care that is becoming increasingly popular. Not bothering with chemical details, Wilson aims at dealing with common conditions, listing them and telling how aromatherapy can be used for each. She selects 36 essential oils that can also be used to heighten beauty and to improve emotional problems. Some conditions can be treated by more than one oil; acne, for example, can be helped by 30 of the chosen 36. Among the interesting information she imparts is the amount of raw material needed to produce a pound of a given oil, and while she warns of potential problems with the oils and points out conditions for which health professionals must be consulted, in the book's final part, she encourages experimentation, either with aromatherapy by itself or in conjunction with massage, baths, gargles, and other procedures. Appendixes list reliable sources of oils and information. Copyright(c) 1995, American Library Association. All rights reserved

    Midwest Book Review :
    Use naturally-distilled essences of plants to enhance health and beauty with the help of this basic guide, which explains both the history and theory of aromatherapy and the practical applications of the therapy to treat common conditions and to achieve both health and beauty benefits.

    Customer Comments
    A reader from Tennessee , 12/17/97, rating=10:
    This is THE aromatherapy book for beginners!!!

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