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Aromatherapy: The Complete Guide to Plant & Flower Essences for Health & Beauty
Daniele Ryman

  • Paperback, 384pp.
  • ISBN: 0553371665
  • Publisher: Bantam Books, Incorporated
  • Pub. Date: December 1992
  • A Reader's Catalog Recommendation
    From a leading international authority, the definitive guide to the enriching therapeutic practices of aromatherapy--perfect for today's huge audience for natural health and beauty.

    Expert Commentary
    From Library Journal:
    For libraries requiring only one book on aromatherapy, this would be a good choice. Clearly written, it gives a detailed history of this ancient healing method, tells how essential oils are extracted and applied, and offers do-it-yourself instructions and warnings of toxicity dangers. Aromatherapeutic plants and oils are described alphabetically. The most practical section is an ``A-Z of Ailments,'' dealing with common medical problems like aging skin or gum diseases. The medical information is sound , and some of the treatment suggestions seem excellent . This book is more comprehensive than Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi's Complete Aromatherapy Handbook ( LJ 7/91 , ) but it, too, is by a European, with no information on where to find oils or practitioners in this country. Needed: a book geared to U.S. readers.-- Natalie Kupferberg, Montana State Univ. Lib., Bozeman -Library Journal

    From The Reader's Catalog:
    An A to Z listing of 80 of the most effective oils and plants for massage, bath, inhalants, facial saunas, lotions, poultices, and cooking, as well as aromatherapy treatment for 100 common ailments

    Customer Comments
    [email protected] from Long Beach, California, USA , 08/10/97, rating=10:
    Lots and lots of info on 80 essential oils. This is a really great reference book for 80 different essential oils! Each plant is described in terms of what it looks like, where it thrives and history of use. Often, ancient magical uses and properties are listed. The saying, "to keep evil at bay" refers to the power of bay laurel, Laurus Nobilis to protect from evil. No current magical uses are listed and the emphasis is upon current medicinal and beauty applications and uses in cooking. Before refrigeration, meat was stored in highly aromatic marinades to help prevent putrefaction.

    Each essential oil is described by color, odor and viscosity; from what part of the plant it is distilled; principal constituents and dangers are listed. Apparently, aromatherapy has been in use throughout Europe even after modern medicines began to be widely used and is only "new" in the United States.

    Each essential oil has a list of many common ailments for which it is recommended. I wish these were indexed! There is also a section of A-Z common ailments that is helpful. I found the recipies for cooking especially intriguing as most of the aromatherapy books I've read don't specifically focus on cooking.

    Aromatherapy is a great alternative to traditional western medicine, especially for self treating conditions for which one would normally go to the drugstore. In Europe, aromatherapists provide primary health care and are medical doctors, but the United States has not yet moved to license aromatherapists and they are not generally trained in medicine.

    This is a great book to have on hand as a reference when using essential oils for self-treatment!

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