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Search Engines e.g. Lycos
Directories e.g. Yahoo
Meta-Search engines e.g. SavvySearch
Web Based Archie Searchers e.g. ArchiePlex
and others.

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All-in-One Search Page

AltaVista Logo Alta Vista

Archie Multiplex


Bahá'í Writings

Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides

CUI's W3 Catalogue


DejaNews For Searching Usenet newsgroup articles.

Excite NetSearch Search lots of sites for Files. Specifiing Mac, Windows, OS/2 etc., for software All you will have to do is provide part of a filename and Filez will search for the file for you

Fun City Web Search


Global Network Navigator

The Global On-Line Directory








The Internet Search



McKinley Group's Magellan


Starting Point


Search for:


New Riders' Official World Wide Yellow Pages

Open Market

Open Text Index

Point Communications

Pointers to Pointers

Savvy Search This site is available in many different languages including esperanto!


Starting Point

UK Internet Lists


WebCrawler LogoWebcrawler

Web Voyager

The Whole Internet Catalog

Yahoo LogoYahoo

World Wide Yellow Pages

WWW Worm

W3 Search Engines

Search Yahoo

Search the Web Developer's Library

The search, in a database of over 1200 entries, allows the use of
Perl regular expressions. If you want to literally include a special character, escape it with a backslash, e.g. html\+ will find HTML+

in: Title Description URL Category

Virtual Library Search

This form will search The Web Developer's Virtual Library
If you want to search the entire Verity Web Publishers Virtual Library, please use this page.

Choose a search method:

Full text (simplest: words or phrases separated by commas)
Query by example (type or paste similar text in the field)

Enter your query and

Netscape's Site

Concept Query words only

excite Netsearch

Enter words describing a concept or keywords so that excite can find information for you:

Web Documents: Search the largest web database, more than 1.5 million pages.
Usenet: Search more than 1 million articles from 10,000 newsgroups.
Classifieds: Search Usenet classified advertisements from the past two weeks.
Reviews: Search our database of over 35,000 web site reviews.

Alta Vista

Search the Web or the News Groups
Display results Compact or Detailed

Example: kayak sailing "San Juan Islands"

InfoSeek Net Search

InfoSeek Net Search is the most powerful and popular way to search the Web. Just type your question in plain English or enter words and phrases. Helpful Tips


Search Options:    
Display Options:
You can enter free-form questions like "What did Montel Williams say about Groom Lake" (you can leave out capitalization and punctuation). Or, you can enter just the words you're interested in, e.g. "Groom Lake". Then, use the Search Options and Display Options to fine-tune your search. For more information on these, see the search help file.


Enter some words and start your search:

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