Remember that this is JUST a guide and to consult an aromatherapist for proper use of these oils and tell your doctor what you are using!

Warning! Most oils, unless specifically mentioned, should not be used on the skin without first diluting with a suitable carrier oil!!!

Some oils, Champhor; Fennel; Hyssop; Sage & Rosemary, should not be used by persons with Epilepsy,.

Those who are pregnant should avoid using Aniseed; Basil; Clary Sage; Cypress; Cinnamon; Fennel; Hyssop; Jasmine; Juniper; Marjoram; Myrrh; Origanum; Peppermint; Rose; Rosemary; Sage; Thyme: Especially in the first three months unless used with an aromatherapist.

Please note that the warnings about using oils whilst pregnant are here because of rumours about some oils causing bleeding and possible aborting. There is no documented evidence about this.

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