Aromatherapy - Reflexology - Massage

Sue Finn M.I.C.H.T. M.I.F.H.B.

Working in the Newcastle, Gateshead, and Tyne Valley areas of the U.K.

Sue also works at the Natural Therapy Centre,
'Jiggery Pokery',
Mickley, Northumberland.

For further details and appointments or Gift Vouchers. E-Mail [email protected]
Telephone 0191-4144687


Reflexology is a holistic therapy

By stimulating reflex points on the sole of the foot the therapist aims to enhance the clients sense of well-being and create a deep sense of relaxation.

This enables the client to achieve a more natural state of harmony and balance within the body.

This type of therapy greatly aids stress relief and can be extremely beneficial in the treatment of blood pressure and related problems.

In short it makes you feel good.