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Due to the controversy about Gary Young and the Young Living Multi Level Marketing company this page is to enable you to find out more infomation for yourselves.

A Critical Look at Gary Young, Young Living Essential Oils, and Raindrop Therapy Eva F. Briggs, M.D. Article by Dr Eva Briggs *

* Barber K., Gagnon-Warr J. National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists' White Paper on Young Living Oil's Raindrop Therapy. Revised May 12, 2002. White Paper on RDT *

* The REAL story about Gary Young and YLEO By Eva Briggs MD **

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There is an achive of much of the discussion, from both sides, about Gary Young and Young Living.

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I hope that this will enable any person, who has concerns for the safe use of essential oils, to see the oft repeated worries that established aromatherapists have about the false claims and dangerous teachings of Gary Young and the business practices of Young Living Essential Oils Inc. Is a page on the dangers of MLM.

A FAQ on GY and YL


Have you heard of Dr. Gary Young? He is one of the leading men in the field and has studied around the world. You can check out technical information at the website listed below.

Have you heard that "Dr" Gary Young is not a doctor as he purchased his ND from Bernadene "University" which is a diploma mill selling non- accredited certificates to anyone who pays them the money.

Have you heard that Mr Gary Young is a con man using charisma, pseudo science and pseudo religion to con people into his scheme.

Here is more info for you

Hi, Enjoy your site very much! Do you have an opinion about Young Living Oils?

Yes. :-) Varied in quality, Expensive (Wholesale prices much more than most companies retail), VERY bad company advice, if you can call it that, on safety, major con-man (Gary Young), as the owner, major class action against them in progress, always changing the conditions and commissions to the downlines, stealing downlines, etc. And much more.

in a word . I would run as fast as possible. MANY better places to learn about aromatherapy and much better and cheaper places to buy your oils from.

That's the short version

Here is the long version :-)


The answer to your question should not be hidden under a bushel, so I'll reply on-line. No answer should offend people who are using YL oils as some of the YL oils are obviously good oils - and folks who use YL oils are normal folks. If my reply "get's something started," then it'll do much to educate and it'll not be the first time it's been a matter of discussion as ALL the aromatherapy lists discuss it from time to time.

> I was wondering if someone can reply off list as to some of the things > that Gary Young does or promotes as to why others in the AT community > have some not-so-good things to say about him? I don't want to offend > people that use these oils so please reply to me personally so that > something doesn't get started. Thanks, Lisa Doyon

Gary Young and Young Living as an organization are the same. But Young Living oils and Young Living distributors are a different subject. Mr. Gary Young claims to be a ND, but he has no doctorate degree from any recognized institution of higher learning - he has one he bought for a few hundred dollars from one of the many "non-accredited" companies who will sell you a degree .. pick the one you want, no wait, no exams, just send in your check or money order. The title "Doctor" is illegal to use in Gary Young's home state of Utah because it was a mail order degree. So, he uses the title in states that don't license Naturopathic Doctors. It is a meaningless title and he continues to use it in order to give his theories and practices more credentials. He is therefore, a phoney!

He makes many other claims about his life that have been proven false, they are pure marketing hype and pure bovine excrement, but still, YL followers see him as a guru - MR. Young uses religion to help keep the followers following - not too different from Reverend Jones of Jonestown or David Koresh of the Branch Davidians. Some people need a charismatic like GY to lead them, regardless of the fact that he is a charlatan.

He claimed connections with famous professors and other accomplishments here in Turkey until I investigated, talked with folks here, learned it was embellished hype and openly published the results to numerous lists. He then decided to drop the Turkish connection from his biography.

Young Living as an organization is dominated by Gary and Mary Young. It appears that company policy is make money in any way you can - as fast as you can - and truth is not necessary to accomplish these ends. In my opinion, we're talking about ethics here - or lack thereof.

There are thousands of testimonials that would curl your hair - not mine (I'm almost bald) but most people's hair. Claims of ridiculous cures and promoting use of massive quantities of oils in a totally unsafe manner. The more you use, the more you buy. YL promotes unsafe use of neat EOs directly on the skin. They teach their downlines to do this and give them NO TRAINING in safety or proper and responsible use of essential oils. If you talk to some of the more "affected" YL'ers who are really into the cult mentality, they will act as if you are being sacriligious when you question any of MR. Gary Young's unsafe practices.

This hype could prevent people from seeking competent medical help for serious illnesses - they fall back on the false hope given them by YL. Bones don't realign with the use of EOs, scoliosis does not cure itself, but YL teaches that both can be cured by their "Raindrop Therapy," which involves application of massive amounts of neat EOs. Anyone postponing or avoiding conventional treatment for this disease by treating it with essential oils is looking for trouble - but YL promotes this!! And they claim that people who don't believe in Raindrop Therapy don't believe because they don't believe in "Chi," which is simply horse crap.

A member of the aromatherapy list posted this: "*** pray that you will not be among the large number who received festering and/or infected skin ulcers up and down their spine as a result of having neat, irritating oils dripped up and down their spine and then covered with a towel to prevent the normal evaporation *** when you spine turns red, in spots, from irritation and starts to burn, that you aren't told. "oh, that's the virus escaping" *** direct quote from one of my new clients.

Those of us who decry the raindrop theory, as well as most of MR. Young's ideas do it because of the potentially dangerous misuse of the oils we love...and the abuse of innocents looking for solutions.

Just two weeks ago I received a letter from an elderly gentleman... asking if my helichrysum essential oil is safe to drop into the ears... because he had been told that neat helichrysum essential oil, dropped into the ear, could cure his wife's lifelong nerve deafness. He came to me because his YL distributor had been told that there is no helichrysum essential oil available any more, it's only available in blends. Of course it's available, from many excellent oil suppliers. ** I told him that there was NO evidence and probably no likelyhood that ANY essential oil could cure permanent nerve damage. And that NO essential oil was safe to use, neat, in the ears. I was so very very angry with the "nice man from his church" who told him this that I wanted to throw something. This goes far beyond dishonesty ... this is truly dispicable .. creating hope and belief this way." UNQUOTE

Mr. Young has been arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Now he protects himself - he puts the unknowing YL distributors in the lion's cage. His brochures "Officially" tell the distibutors to be nice and be careful, but his meetings and lectures tell a different story. The distributors are "independent" and have a contract that says so - and they sign that they'll not prescribe for ails and illness - but then they're sent out to do this. If the hammer falls, GY and friends will escape and leave the honest, but gullible distributor to face the music.

A member of the AT list recently posted on a YL seminar he attended: "In this seminar I found out that the only person in the US who could read a GC was Gary Young, and you can make chemically equivalent helichrysum by mixing three unrelated EO's together..and that if you dab Frankincense on a skin tumor it will fall off...forget the regular docs and get out the EO's..only YL oils are pure.. There was more .. Should anyone have a chance to attend one of! I promise you awe and amazement....." UNQUOTE

Another posted: "*** there is a difference between reasonable profit/ business ethics and blatantly taking advantage of a person's religious beliefs for profit *** between honest business representation and misbranding/misrepresenting, either of products or yourself * complaints we have seen about Gary and Mary Young from x-employees, x- distributors, x-family and x-business partners have certainly been frequent enough for one to take pause before doing business with this company. Just because other companies seek profit does not negate the deep questions regarding business ethics and unsafe practices that seem to continually pop up regarding Young Living. *** As for lawsuits AGAINST Gary, Mary and YL, there must be a lot more than hearsay out there because there seems to be an incredible amount of litigation against them at the moment, from many of the x-ers that I mention above." UNQUOTE

Another posted: "I am writing this post primarily to notify all YL distributors that a civil lawsuit has been filed in the state of Utah, in the city of Provo *** on behalf of the rightful owners and majority stockholders of Young Living, Washington and California residents, naming Gary Young and Mary Young as participants in fraud and unlawful conveyance. The lawsuit alleges that Gary and Mary stole (conveyed) the corporation from the stockholders and rightful investors and owners. Knowingly and with intent. Some of these stockholders are elderly, with health problems. I rather doubt that the YL corporation has told all you good folks about this. You might ask them about it." UNQUOTE

I'll mention here that Gary Young's brother elected to leave the YL organization and is now putting together an organization that he says will practice ethics - I hope he does this and from what I know now, I believe he will - but I promise to report on him if he doesn't! These folks will never sue me - I've challenged them to do so but as you know, folks in glass houses ... etc., and they cannot shut me up otherwise!

As for the quality of YL essential oils - I believe they have improved considerably in the last year as they are now testing some/all? of them, but prior to that, they were selling some oils that were allegedly from plants that don't produce EO and in a few cases, their oils had been tested by others and found to be totally unfit and unsafe. The quality improved because folks stayed on their butts like ugly on a wart hog - you don't get results by being a passive wimp!

The issue of price is a personal concern, but if you understand the workings of a multi-level marketing scheme, you will know that prices MUST be too high in order to feed all the hands being held out for a cut on the efforts of other sellers in the chain. A post was made on the AT list concerning this too, plus the matter of trust:

"I agree about comparing oils with oils, getting to know their subtle different personalities.... but human personalities do come into the mix, since I expect the same honesty and fairness in business I expect from personal relationships. If you can't trust the honesty and integrity of the person you are buying your oils from on one level, can you really trust them when it comes to honesty about the oils they proffer?" UNQUOTE

A researcher on the AT list wrote: "Are YL still including blue tansy in some of their blends? I remember that at one point I checked a website and found some blends, especially ones for pain relief like Paneaway, which contained unsafe oils such as blue tansy and wintergreen or sweet birch. They to my mind, were not what I'd call safe oils."

Thousands of posts have made on YL in just the last 2.5 years I have followed the lists - the anti-YL posts are many and those that present an argument for YL are few and even then, they are nothing more than emotional ramblings. There is an archive where one can view this info at: Accept or discard the info provided, but keep smiling .... Butch

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